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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

OuiShare would not exist without the inspiring work done by individuals around the world to make our society more open and collaborative. Every day over 2000 people are discussing in depth about the future of mobility, food, technology or policy online. While discussing those topics from global perspectives, still the greatest impact happens on a local level by going from discussion to design to action.

Community & Community Connectors at OuiShare

The OuiShare Community exists distributedly with the help of every member and Connector, but a team of Community Connectors provides extra welcoming and guiding support to anyone looking for something specific or just inspiration.

Community Connectors Directory

Community Connector Resources

  • Communications
    • Main OuiShare Slack >> join the channel #community to discuss welcoming & guiding and questions about community building.

Local communities

Local OuiShare communities worldwide are in permanent exchange while changing the game at a very local level.

Have a look on the Communities Page to find a OuiShare community near you

Also check out the list of OuiShare communities on

Local communities may also have their own page in our Ouiki to better guide local members.

Check the following :

Organizational structure & Membership types

OuiShare aims to be a liquid organization that enables new and existing contributors to easily move in and out of it as well as dynamically rotate between different roles and levels of involvement. This is to be achieved while at the same time ensuring the consistency and stability of the organization.

Organizational Structure

See the full overview of all membership types in OuiShare, as well as their roles and responsibilities

Get Involved!

If you're interested in getting involved, read more here