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Here are some resources the OuiShare community works with, which are essential for all OuiShare Connectors and useful for members looking to get more involved. If you have just become a Connector, it is crucial you make yourself familiar with these online tools to ensure smooth information & work flow. Some of the tools require a login to be able to publish, so please see Directory of Contacts for that information.

Internal Collaboration Tools

Check out this presentation for an overview and explanation of all our tools.

Trello: Project Management

Trellois a web based project management tool that is used to organize all OuiShare activities and projects. OuiShare´s Trello-Board can be found here: [1] All Connectors and Advisors, can access and contribute to all boards. Other community members can be added to individual boards (ex: p2p newsroom, local community boards, etc.). To understand better how to get started with trello, check out this tutorial

To join our Trello boards, ask any Connector or project leader to add you.

Slack: Team communication

Used for private and group discussions and coordination between the team, on a very operational basis (in comparison to Facebook groups, see below). Slack is only accessible for Connectors and active OuiShare members who are working on projects. To learn how to get started with Slack, check out this tutorial

Most OuiShare projects are organized with one Slack channel and a trello board combined.

>> Read more about how our OuiShare Slack team is setup

Loomio: Discussions, Debate and Decision Making

Loomio is used for discussions and decision making in OuiShare. On Loomio we have one main OuiShare group, which is public and accessible for all members upon request, local sub-groups for local communities and one closed sub-group for Connectors only where decisions on budget and strategy are made.

Cobudget: Participatory Budgeting / Internal Crowdfunding

Cobudget is a tool that our community uses for participatory budgeting. Any active member can get access to it and particpate in funding activities they think are important. Get access to the OuiShare Cobudget by asking a Connector or member you are in touch with. If you are already a Connector, read more about our cobudget setup here.

Google Drive: Documents & Files

Drive: Google Drives allows live collaboration on documents, presentations and spreadsheets (also while being in a Hangout). This is where you can find all of OuiShare's most important resources. To get access to our Google Drive ask a OuiShare Connector you are in touch with to add you.


All OuiShare activities such as events or meetings can be listed in a set of several Google event calendars. With a Google account you will be able to import these calendars into your personal one. The following calendars are currently in use (please add any missing info):

  • global
    • OS Events (ID: [])
    • OS Hangouts (ID: [])
    • non-OS CollEco/P2P/Open events (ID: [])
  • local
    • OS Paris Meetings (ID: [])

If you would like editing access to any of these calenders, ask any OuiShare Connector to add you manually.

Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a online video conference application that can be accessed via your Google account. Before using, the PlugIn needs to be installed. You can download it here: [2] All dates for hangouts can be seen in the respective calendar

Facebook: All Connectors are added to the Facebook-Group "OuiShare Connectors" when they join, a group that was formely used for decision making, but after introducing Loomio, it is now mainly used for connecting, emotions and sharing fun stuff . For community building and discussion, horizontal (geographic location & language - e.g. Global, Germany, Spain, Berlin, Barcelona...) and vertical (topic - e.g. Food, Labs, Mobility, Learning...) facebook groups are used.

One of of the most value things for Connectors is being able to connect with other Connectors around the world and learn and share your knowledge with them. In addition to joining our Connectors Facebook group, you can easily stay up to date on what other Connectors are doing by following all members of this Twitter list.

Dropbox: Similar to Drive, Dropbox allows storing files in a cloud and the possibility to share them among collaborators. Some OuiShare resources are organized here, however this is mostly administrative things. As a Connector you usually do not need to be a member of our dropbox, because we are migrating most files to Google Drive.


To avoid information overload of Connectors with messages and to encourage people to use tools like Trello, Slack and Loomio, we have decided not to create a Connector's mailinglist. Generally speaking, you should never have the need to send an email to all Connectors, because instead you can create a new discussion in Loomio. When you do this, all Connectors will automatically receive an email from Loomio with all the information.

If in some rare caes you do need to send an important email to all Connectors, here is how:

How to send an email to all Connectors

1. You can find the list of all Connectors including their email addresses on the OuiShare Dashboard, which is our overview spreadsheet of all Connectors, Advisors, Alumni etc. and our tools. When you scroll to the right of the document to find the "email" column.

2. When you send the email, please make sure to do two things:

  • DO NOT send to the ouishare email addresses when you send to the entire list, since that often leads to server overload. Use the email 2 column.
  • Put yourself or another person in the "to" field, and put everyone else in blind copy, so that people don't start spamming the whole group when they reply.

External Communication Tools

  • Magazine: [3] is the community magazine with in-depth analyses on the collaborative economy
  • Newsletter: [4] subscribe yourself to the OuiShare newsletter
  • SlideShare [5] for the best of OuiShare presentations around the world
  • Affiliated Blogs: There is a number of blogs in various languages made by members of the OuiShare-Community, as in French ([|]), Spanish ([|]) and German ([|
  • Facebook OuiShare fan page: [6]
  • YouTube: [7] OuiShareTV on YouTube. Latest videos and curated channels.
  • Flickr: [8] to upload, show and share pictures. All pictures of OuiShare activities are uploaded and sorted in Albums.
  • Twitter: OuiShare uses following Twitter accounts: OuiShare),OuiShare Fest OuiShare FR
  • [9] For a curated selection of OuiShare relevant content

Your OuiShare Email Address

All Connectors get a email address when they are appointed. Members get emails only if it is necessary for a OuiShare project they are working on. Auli is the email master, so get in touch with her so she can do it :)

See mail configuration settings under OuiShare Emails

PS: If you experience trouble with your email address (such as delay in message delivery), get in touch with Auli and the technical team in charge of the website, because it's more likely to be a hosting issue.

Design Resources

Find the official guidelines to make OuiShare designs, flyers and more, including logos, fonts and colors.

Administrative Resources


How to organize your own Hangout tutorial

  • Plan a 20 min max (10 explanation + 10 Q&A) focused on something specific
  • Get a moderator + 1 or 2 expert.... and up to 3-4 non-experts for the questions
  • Get the basic questions in advance (to be addressed during explanation) and then the rest of 10 minutes can be used for extra clarifications
  • Add graphics / links later (a lot can be edited online on youtube)