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Framework for OuiShare Projects

“Empowered by OuiShare” projects are independent projects with strong links with the OuiShare community. They are initiated and carried out by one or several Connectors 'that have been contributing to OuiShare for over 3 months after having been appointed. Such projects can be for instance: a social enterprise / co-operative providing services about the collaborative economy, a collaborative incubator, open source tools for contributive organizations, etc.

Whether a project is able to use the “Empowered By” status and under which conditions it can do so (details about governance, ownership, money flows and ending conditions of the agreement -- time span, alignment with values, etc) is decided on a case by case basis, and approved by all Connectors on a consensus / no strong opposition basis.

The detailed conditions and benefits of using this status are currently being validated and will be published shortly.