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OuiShare's community activities are all about connecting through events! We've organized hundreds of events since we were founded in 2012, with a variety of formats. Here you can see an overview of most of them. Get help on how to get started with organizing them with our OuiShare Event Kit.

Event Formats

OuiShare Drinks

OuiShare Drinks are community meetups held within local communities. Their goal is:

  • to foster the local OuiShare community
  • to highlight one or several players of the collaborative economy field
  • to allow local contributors to share their current project with the community
  • to host meaningful conversations in order to move ideas and projects forward

For more information on how to organize OuiShare Drinks, check out these guidelines.

OuiShare Talks

OuiShare Remix


They are regular meetings of the OuiShare community that aim at :

  • Welcoming new members and presentation of the OuiShare Movement.
  • Connecting people in real life, sharing our experiences, observations, ideas, necessities and propositions.
  • Share on the follow up of our projects.
  • Take the temperature of the ecosystem.
  • Kick off community projects, organize brainstormings and talk about the organization of the local community.


Bi-Annual International Summits

OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets twice a year to develop our organization and shared vision together, set strategic goals, kick-start new projects and strengthen the ties between our distributed team of Connectors and members.

It's also a great way for new people who would like to get involved in OuiShare to meet the most active members of the community and get a glimpse of how OuiShare works.

International summits take place twice a year in a different city and are organized by the local team of OuiShare Connectors and members. The spring/summer summit usually takes place in June after the OuiShare Fest, and the fall/winter summit in November/December. To date, there have been 7 summits in European cities:

  • Paris and Rome (2012)
  • Barcelona and Brussels (2013)
  • Berlin and London (2014)
  • Salerno (2015)

Organizing a summit?

Then check out this guide on organising a OuiShare Summit with information and templates!

Annual Local Summits

Apart from the international summits, there are also local summits for one region or country, which take place once per year in especially active communities. They give local communities the opportunity to work on country specific topics in the local language. The first local summit was held in summer 2014 in Spain.

  • First french summit : dec 14 Lyon

Sharing Fairs

OuiShare Fest

OuiShare Fest is an annual, three-day event uniting the global collaborative economy community to co-create, connect, learn and kickstart new project and collaborations.

Read more under OuiShare Fest

Open Circles

OuiShare Open Circles are a new event format that was launched to go back to the roots of how OuiShare started: meeting with a group of people in an apartment, restaurant or a bar to share food, drink and inspiring conversations about the Collaborative Economy!

Read how it works under OS Open Circles

OuiShare Village

Ouishare Village is an event dedicated to make the "general public" meet the collaborative economy. It's a kind of fair where local collaborative initiatives explain through activities, talks or documents, what they are about.

  • The first OuiShare village was made in Paris at Foire de Paris in may 2014. Julie & Flore were coordinators.
  • The second one was in Lyon in december 2014, at Forum des Interconnectés. Claudine was coordinator
  • The third one was the "Village Et...Changeons", organised close to Rouen, Normandy, in june 2015. Maud was coordinator.

To know more about Village in general : Présentation OuiShare Village en Français

Some tips on how to do one, based on "Village Et...Changeons" experience : How to do a OuiShare Village


See our OuiShare Event Kit for more information and presentation templates!