Event Organization Kit

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This is a simple kit that provides all information and print materials you may need to organize OuiShare events as a local Connector or member, and produce locally what you need. Since the number of OuiShare events in every city are in increasing, this kit should help ensure more efficient and standardized communication materials that you can use for each local event.

How to organize your first event

Getting started

Checklist for events

Event formats

See our full overview of Event Formats.

Communication Materials

Here is a list of all physical OuiShare communication materials that already exist:

- Stickers

- Logos for Tee-shirts

- The main OuiShare flyer

- Logos for banners

--> The aim is to print locally all these PDF

Furthermore, if you also need to create new flyers, new logos, new templates... etc, you can have a look at the OuiShare Design Resources where you can find the OuiShare Fest Chart and the OuiShare Design Kit 2014 that give all OuiShare models and design “rules”.

Presentation Templates

If you are organzing an event in your city, check out our presentation templates for help:

  • OuiShare General presentation from which you can select the slides on the subjects you need. Make sure to select the draft with the most current date!