Getting OuiShare Business Cards

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Who is eligible for OuiShare business cards?

All OuiShare Connectors are eligible for OuiShare business cards if needed. However before ordering business cards, we ask you to please be thoughtful about whether you feel you really need them.

As a OuiShare member, it may also be necessary for you to have business cards, if you are working on a OuiShare project where you have a lot of contact with external contact. If you feel this case applies to you, get in touch with the Connector leading your project, who will talk to our financial steward about this.

How do I order my business cards?

1. Send a message to Julie to send you an invitation to create your account on Moo, where you can easily create your own business cards with the OuiShare Design.

2. Login to at this link

3. Click "Create packs"

4. Fill out the information you want on the front of the business card (Feel free to chose the title you see fitting :)) Be carefull to choose the right phone country indicator (ex : France +33, England +44...)

5. Click on the circle to the left of the thumbnail to select which color you would like the back to look like. You can choose to have one, two, three or four colors in your pack. If you don't want a color you just have to suppress it by clicking on the little cross next the color template

6. Click "Create packs" on the upper right

7. Select amount: 1 pack, unless agreed otherwise (see below)

8. Click on the "add" button and get to the cart (on top)

9. Add your shipping address

10. Don't forget to press "Checkout"

11. Check that you entered the right shipping informations and Press "place order"

12. You should receive immediately a order confirmation email from "little Moo Bot"

How many business cards can I have?

Each Connector may receive one pack of 50 business cards when they get started. After this, you can order more if needed

  • in coordination with the financial steward who has the overview of our global budget OR
  • in agreement with a specific project team you may be working on, that has a special budget for this (i.e. OuiShare Fest, Sharitories, etc.).

You are of course free to order as many business cards as you like if you are willing to pay for them yourself. In this case, OuiShare will invoice you for the cost of the cards.

Please remember: only order business cards if you feel you really use them. We all know that connecting digitally with people is becoming increasingly common, so the need for printed cards is going down. At the same time, we all have many hats, so if you already have several other business cards from other projects you use, think twice before getting another set :).