How to manage and account OuiShare Projects - First Webinar

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This hangout presents a shared methodology to cost model, allocate activities and manage team compensation for Self Managed small projects or activities that are in line with OuiShare mission. The overall idea is to empower OuiShare members and connectors to design small projects (or bigger ones but made of several iterations") and be able to understand how to make a consistent calculation of the funding needed, managing costs and compensations.

[Link to the hangout]

The methodology presented here lives on few pillars:

  • you should be able to get a few "responsible" people to lead single activities
  • you should be able to welcome late contributors and compensate them accordingly and fairly

All this youtube video is based on a template currently being at its 0.1 stage of development called OuiShare Cost Model Dashboard which is available here [1].


What is this template for? This template has been designed to help people craete transparent budgets and kick off project around existing funding

How is the budget supposed to be managed

"The budget can be distributed in two ways: - Pre allocated: to motivate people to get resposibility - Value Accounted (p2p): to welcome contributions that can be acknowleged at the end of the activity stream."


Epic: It's an overall objective, a set of milestones that often come attached to a budget. Each Epic can be described as a set of activities that produce a set of agreed milestones. One project may have several epics (like waves of objectives). For now we suggest you to cost-model each epic alone.

Activity A small amount of effort that can be equally distributed across active members of the team (doesn't make sense to split in uneven ways). So if you feel like this should be splitted unevenly, consider split the activity in smaller ones

FTE day Estimation of a Full Time Equivalent man/day of work

Pre Allocated Budget Ratio The ratio of secured budget you want to pre-allocate to the part of the team that is responsible

Value Accounting Budget Ratio The ratio of secured budget you want to post allocate to the team (both responsible and contributing)

IMPORTANT NOTE: the files necessary to perform the P2P,retrospective Value accounting part are not yet stable to be shared. Please refer to Simone Cicero for information.