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Expenses Policy

As a OuiShare Connector or Member, there are different reasons you may be eligible for being reimbursed for your expenses:

Be aware that starting 2017, some projects are using our new commercial entity called "OuiShare Experience". If you are not sure which structure your project is using, ask your project leader

  • the expenses were discussed and validated with a member of the Core Connectors team
  • you organized an event for which you raised money via sponsorship or ticket sales, which were directly paid to the national OuiShare association you are invoicing.
  • You were granted a stipend through the "Global Travel Stipend" or the "Summit Travel Stipend"

In all these cases, please validate all your expenses beforehand with the project leader, the Core Connectors or our financial stewards Katalina ( Julie (

If none of the above cases apply, by default expenses will not be reimbursed.

Submitting expenses

To submit your expenses, please follow these steps:

1. Validate your expenses with your project leader or financial steward

2. Submit your expenses claim through our new online form => [1].

3. Digital receipts may be uploaded directly throught the above form. Ensure that the following information is complete for quick claims processing: RBT - structure - Projectcode - Name- Month Year. Example: RBT - CEP - OSFEST16 - Francesca - 042015

4. Should you have a hardcopy recip please send the original by postal mail to OuiShare Chez Le Square - 3 passage Saint Pierre-Amelot - 75011 Paris - A l'attention de Katalina Pinot. Don't forget to add the same information as on the digital receipts: RBT - structure - Projectcode - Name- Month Year. Example: RBT - CEP - OSFEST16 - Francesca - 042015

If the expense is not related to a specific project (for instance visiting a conference to explore partnership opportunities), add the name of the event instead.

You will not be reimbursed before we have received the original receipts!

Payment deadlines

Your expenses will be reimbursed at the beginning of the following month after submission, unless otherwise requested.


If you need to be paid by OuiShare, there are two possibilities:

  • You are employed by OuiShare and have a fixed monthly salary (part time or full time)
  • You have a freelancer status through which you can invoice OuiShare for your services (most Connectors and members currently do this, since they have other additional activites).

If you need to be paid by OuiShare Experience (OSXP)

  • You have a freelancer status through which you can invoice OSXP for your services.

Important information for freelancers

1. Create your invoice with the amount defined in the global budget or as agreed with your project leader.

To ensure your invoice is processed correctly, you must name your invoice as follows: 
Invoice_Organization Projectcode_Name_Month_Year. Example: INVOICE_OSXP_OSFEST17_FRANCESCA_052017

The month and year refer to the date of the invoice.

See the list of all project codes here. If you are being paid for something other than a project, add GLOBALBUDGET instead of the project code.

Please make out your invoice to the following address:

For OuiShare

OuiShare chez Mutinerie Coworking - 29 rue de meaux - 75019 Paris

OuiShare European VAT number : FR25 788 686 699


OuiShare Experience - 10 rue Penthièvre - 75008 Paris

OSXP SIRET number : 824 414 916 00018 (we are still waiting for European VAT number)

Please add details of your services:

1. Justify as much as possible your invoice (hour rate, number of hours worked, type of work, etc.)

2. Send our invoice to the financial steward by email at

To ensure your email is processed, you must put the following information in your email subject line (just a for the invoice file name) 
Invoice - Organization - Projectcode (e.g. OSFEST15) - Name- Month Year

Deadlines & other guidelines

Salaries for employees and freelancers are paid during the last week of each month. If you would like to get paid on time, you must send your invoice by before the 25th. If you send your invoice after this date, you will paid the following month.

If you are working on several different OuiShare projects, please make separate invoices for each project.

Participatory Budgeting Process

At June 2015 Summit, it was decided to experiment a participatory budget for projects and/or people (Connectors). In August 2015, a 1st round was organized: all Connectors were asked to distribute 220 tokens to a number of projects or any fellow Connector. In September 2015, a 2nd round was organized to distribute the remaining tokens (40 / Connector). The results of the rounds can be seen in this spreadsheet.

If tokens have been attributed to you/your project and you need them converted into euros on your bank account, here is how it works:

Tokens for a project

There are two options :

1. The money is extracted from OuiShare and is managed independently. One person or organization is involved in the project invoices OuiShare (recommended)

This person has the responsibility to distribute or spend the money, and then to report on the use of the budget at the next summit. It is recommended to use the budget template :)

2. The money stays in OuiShare and each expense is submitted to the financial steward

The regular process applies --> see above "Expenses" and "Invoices"

Tokens for a Connector

There are three options :

1. You prefer to donate the money to OuiShare: please tell the financial steward.

2. You intend to invoice as a freelancer : please follow the process above - the invoice subject can be "Participation to OuiShare Activities"

3. You intend to submit expenses : please follow the process above ; of course these expenses need to be related to OuiShare activities.