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Welcome to the Ouiki!

This Wiki is a part of the "OuiShare Commons" and is an important resource for active OuiShare members. This is where we document practices and aggregate knowledge and information to help you navigate our organization and find answers to questions you might have.

About OuiShare

Community Resources

Whether you're new to the community, an active member or Connector, this is where you can find all important resources to get involved and navigate our organization on a daily basis.

The OuiShare Community Hub

If you need resources to help you guide & welcome new Members and Connectors, go to our OuiShare Community hub.

This includes our important Role and Membership types

Resources for active Members & Connectors

Useful pages that active members of OuiShare you are likely to need:

  • OuiShare Design Resources: Official guidelines to make OuiShare designs, flyers and more, including logos, fonts and colors.

Contribute to this Wiki 

This Wiki only lives thanks to all of your contributions to it, helping us keeping it relevant and up to date!

Here is how you can start contributing:

  1. Create your account by clicking on the upper right hand corner using your entire name.
  2. If you're beginner with Wikis, learn more on formatting here: Syntax guide
  3. Start contributing: add all you think useful to the Ouiki! (or adjust what already exists)
  4. Go to the page Ouiki Project to know more about the purpose of this Ouiki and how the project works.