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OuiShare Official Design Guidelines

What do you need to keep in mind when creating new OuiShare designs for flyers, reports, websites and more? What colors can you combine, what backgrounds can you use? How can you create new logos? The answer to all these questions and more can be found in this

>> OuiShare Chart

,which contains all general guidelines on how to use our colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds and more.

If you would like to explore all the design resources we have, you can find everything in our

>> OuiShare Design Kit 2014

If you are looking for something more specific, check below to find direct links to what you are looking for.


Here you can download the main OuiShare Logo in 3 versions:

>> OuiShare Logo Horizonal

>> OuiShare Logo Square

>> OuiShare Logo Heart

More Logos

To see an overview of all our other logos, for example the magazine, the OuiShare Awards, OuiShare Labs, OuiShare Jobs, Summits, etc.

>> See all Logos


We use two main fonts: naiv for titles and shorter texts, and stencil bold for logos.

>> download Naiv

>> download OuiShare stencil bold

OuiShare Fest website uses Open Sans as main body font since 2015. >> Download Open Sans from Google Fonts

Flyer Templates

Here is the psd file for horizontal online flyers, that can be used for Facebook, our website, etc.

>> download template

Social Media Avatars

Need an avatar for a social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or others?

>> see social media avatars

We have several avatars for OuiShare in different languages.


Our websites and design materials often feature special backgrounds

Network design (2016)

Fest 2016 site will have updated backgrounds. Source files to be added!

Color triangles (2015)

Fest 2015 used color triangle background with 3D effect. Color variants: dark blue, red, grayish blue

OuiShare main website redesign (July 2015) is based on the same design variants as OSF15.

Color triangles (2014)

Fest 2014 used triangle pattern background, which comes in 4 color variants:


General color codes

Colors (re)used across years and projects

OuiShare blue : #001E60 // Pantone 2757 CP // CMYK : 100/95/4/42 // RGB : 000/030/096


  • dark blue (buttons) : #001E60

2016 Fest Forward

For visibility, Auli created button styles within violet range with colors picked from the triangles backgrounds. These are up for debate :)

  • btn-purple: background-color: #990229;
  • btn-violet: background-color: #9B15EA;
  • btn-fandango: background-color: rgb(154, 12, 141);

Dropped colors

  • coral / dark pink (navbar, titles) : #f56c6c (eventually not used since we have the interactive landing image with much different colours)


Fest and website colors:

  • Dark blue (navbar, titles, buttons) : #001e60
  • Red (titles, buttons, texts) : #E03E51


  • Red: #E03E52 // Pantone 710 cp // CMYK : 0/84/46/0 // RGB : 224/064/082
  • Blue: #001E60 // Pantone 2757 CP // CMYK : 100/95/4/42 // RGB : 000/030/096
  • Yellow: #F3EA5B //Pantone 3935 cp // CMYK : 2/0/60/0 // RGB : 243/234/093
  • Green: #00C389 // Pantone 3395 cp // CMYK : 66/0/48/0 // RGB : 000/195/137