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Until late 2014 most connectors received an email alias. Since the end of 2014 Gmail doesn't support "Send mail as..." without server (mailbox) connection any more, so new users will have all mailboxes. Previous configurations with forwards kept functioning in Gmail for a while. But in January 2015 we experienced that Gmail tends to mark unauthenticated sends as spam, therefore now everyone who needs to send mail from @ouishare.net address, needs to have an SMTP account.

Because OVH couldn't support the traffic around OuiShare Fest 2014 (we exceeded the number of e-mails allowed on our shared IP), we're moving the mail system to our Webfaction accunt as of February 2015. It should be more scalable and is reported as a very good hosting provider.

Meanwhile we are also investigating the option of applying for Google Apps for NGOs.


(from February 2015)

When you receive your ouishare mail credentials, you should do as follows:

  • Change your e-mail password into something that you like and remember.
  • Set up your mail program to send e-mail from your new address (see below how)

Changing password

Receiving e-mails

By default, your OuiShare e-mail is automatically forwarded to your personal mail account, unless you have asked for different settings.

Send mail as...

  • Important credentials:
    • SMTP server: smtp.webfaction.com
    • Port: 587
    • TLS connection selected
    • Username/mailbox name: sent to you by e--mail
    • Password: sent to you by e-mail and you were supposed to change it

Webmail access

Webmail access: https://webmail.webfaction.com/

POP and IMAP access via mail clients

If something doesn't work, please contact Auli

Additional settings

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