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Mission & Objectives of Magazine






a) Types of contributors b) Levels of contribution 3. Writing & Editorial Process 3.1 Editorial Line 3.2 Structure of Trello 3.3 Contributing your first time a) Entry points for contributors b) Writing guidelines


Community Newsletter

Curated topical newsletter

The editors team

The workflow is cooridinated by a pool of editors who are solely responsible for publishing articles on ouishare.net. Editors' roles include:

  • Validating the contributors’ proposals
  • Review the papers, check the spellings and syntax
  • Ensure the consistency & clarity of the message
  • Coordinate the media organization with the community
  • Publish the article and push it on our social media channels

Concretely, the editorial team may:

  • Change the title of the paper
  • Rewrite the lead paragraph, subtitles, and others parts of the text without changing the meaning of the paper.
  • And other minor changes that may improve the quality and impact of the paper

The editorial workflow

Some key rules

  • No trello card = your article does not exist -- keep the trello updated as much as possible
  • Don't rush into writing your article -- get your idea peer-reviewed before (using trello, contacting an editor, discussing it with the community)
  • Don't promise anyone that your article will be published on a certain date -- since we are all volunteers, we cannot commit ourselves to these kind of deadlines

How to join the P2P Newsroom

Our tools

Creating a profile on OuiShare.net

Please ask an editor to create a wordpress account for you if:

  • You know how to edit an article and you want to do it on ouishare.net
  • An article of you is going to be published

Then you need to fill in your profile. This should include:

  • A short bio ('Biographical Info' field)
  • A longer bio ('Profile Page' field)
  • a profile picture (not too big please, 500x500px is largely enough)
  • twitter, linkedin...
  • Also mind to change your password ;)

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