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Overview of OuiShare websites created for different purposes, events, projects, and their maintainers.

General corporate design elements

Find information on used fonts, logos, backgrounds and other images under OuiShare_Design_Resources :

OuiShare Website

OuiShare main website can be found on ouishare.net. It is written in Ruby on Rails, the V2 site was built by Engage, currently the site is developed and maintained by Pitch Me and Auli.

OuiShare website backend uses Markdown syntax in several fields to enable adding rich text.


The main language for OuiShare website is English. For localization in another language, several texts need to be translated:

  • en.yml file containing texts for navigation bar, is available in Transifex. NB! Transifex is a secondary source just to facilitate translation activities. Up-to-date yml is available via our source code repository and needs to be uploaded to Transifex manually in order to update the translation source. When taking the source via git, prefer "staging" branch as it may be more advanced than "master".
  • Pages, projects and events content needs to be added in backend

Languages published

  • French

Languages in progress

  • Italian

Languages waiting for translations to be added in the backend

  • German
  • Spanish


The very first version of OuiShare.net website was the Magazine, running on WordPress. It was mainly built by OuiShare Connector Stan Jourdan.

Further Development

OuiShare Fest website

OuiShare Fest website can be found on ouisharefest.com that always redirects to the most recent Fest edition, currently http://2017.ouisharefest.com.

Since the 2014 edition, OuiShare Fest site is maintained and developed by Pitch Me and is written with Ruby on Rails. It uses Transifex for translations.


First sign up on http://2017.ouisharefest.com/register, then ask Auli to give you admin rights.

After that you can log in on http://2017.ouisharefest.com/login and edit information in the backend.

Tech & Setup

OSFest site duplication

Previous editions

OuiShare Magazine

Magazine (http://magazine.ouishare.net) runs on Wordpress and is managed by Arthur.

Project and event sites

OuiShare Summit

OuiShare Summit sites are running on a WordPress multisite since 2014.

Earlier Summit sites

OuiShare Awards

awards.ouishare.net is on WordPress multisite since January 2015. It is managed by OuiShare Awards coordinator Esra.

The first Awards (2014) site (http://awards.ouisharefest.com) was built on Strikingly by Dalma. The content has been copied over to http://awards.ouishare.net/2014

OuiShare Academy

Simple WordPress autoinstall on Webfaction. In the making. Managed by Alvaro and DavidWe.

Local sites

OuiShare London

london.ouishare.net is a WordPress site managed by Jonathan and Mario from London team.

Other OuiShare subsites