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Ouiki Project

A few problematics about sharing datas have been recurrent in discussions, on fb or during meetings : "How do we consolidate better info within the Ouishare community ?"
For exemple, today we use fb to share and discuss but a part of interesting datas are lost in the flow of discussions. We could do more with (launch projects, create content and share it with others platerforms).

Or "How do we contribute and collaborate with Ouishare ?"
We use ouishare.net, Trello, Facebook, Google, Framapad, Pearltree, Scoopit, Wikis, Maps and other tools to cowork, but it's not so easy to know "what? where? how?".

Several people interested in the subject discussed about this and proposed to create a simple and collaborative "resources center", thanks to a wiki format. Fabulous !

So, to sum up the proposition :

Role : Resources center of Ouishare.

Evolution/benefits for Ouishare :

  1. Be more transparent.
  2. Guide members and facilitate the contribution within Ouishare.
  3. Consolidate knowledge, cocreate contents further to our discussions/work within Ouishare and make it visible (that could be more transferable).

Missions of the tool :

  1. Make the existing resources in the Ouishare sphere (groups, members, projects, docs, tools, tutorials…) more easily accessible.
  2. Link the existing resources in the collaborative sphere (articles, initiatives…), categorizing and tagging them. ! This is already discussed in the OuiShare Database group.
  3. Consolidate and co-write contents : consolidation of discussions / Results of our research (ie all we let and loose in fb).

? Have open co-reflexions / discussions there.

Feel free to write on the wiki. It's important to make it flexible. That's why - if everybody feel comfortable with that - the contribution is free of registration (but you can create an account if you don't want to stay anonymous) and we don't define one language, we will try to make it multilingual. As for the Ouishare newsroom, everybody is welcome to translate a text.

nb : use the language you want. The Ouiki aims at being multilingual.

Are you ready to share on the Ouiki ? Any suggestion ? > See the Ouiki Feedbacks and usages requests page.

Proposition of contents for the ouiki

The Ouiki is the ressources center of Ouishare.
This Ouiki aims at making accessible the resources that already exist in the ouishare sphere.
Link resources (articles) to this Ouiki, and open discussions there. Categorize and tag them.

Exhaustive content of the Ouiki :
. List and description of projects, see the Collaborative projects page
. List and description of groups, see the Facebook groups page
. Directory of OuiShare members, see the Community page
. List and tutorials for the tools we use, see the about contribution and Collaborative tools pages
. Co-reflexions about collaborative economy / Results of our research / Consolidation of discussions, see the Collaborative economy page
. Links to documents, see the Google Drive docsroom page
. Communication on events, see the Google event calendar page

Propositions of extentions

  • EtherEditor : Allow collaborative editing of wiki pages via Etherpad Lite
  • GettingStarted : Adds a special page to introduce new editors to the project.
  • VisualEditor : Provides the VisualEditor to MediaWiki or MeanEditor : The mean, the safe and the ugly visual editor for non-technical users. Based on WYMeditor and jQuery.
  • Calendar (Kenyu73) : Full page calendar with page events and template events or MWCalendar : This will display a calendar as set within parameters and will display data if passed.
  • SlippyMap : Easily embed OpenStreetMap maps, with marker support.

Ouiki configuration

OUIShare Research Student

Guide for Contributors